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What is your turnaround time?
We accommodate your needs for turnaround time and prices are adjusted accordingly. We can accommodate requests as quickly as 2-3 hours.

Does Medical INK offer discounts based on volume?

Yes, if anticipated volumes exceed our pre-defined thresholds, we offer volume discounts.

Are my transcriptions archived?

All transcribed files are archived based on the request of the client.

Can Medical INK interface with our existing EMR system?

Yes, using our Discrete Accurate Reportable Transcription system (DaRT) we can tag transcription content and discretely populate your EMR/EHR automatically, as if you had entered the information yourself, and at no additional cost to you.

Can I listen to my recording after I complete my dictation?

Yes. Immediately after completing the job, any user with access via password has the ability to listen to the job. In addition, on-line access will also provide up to the minute information regarding the status of all or any one particular job.

Can I access my files from home?

Yes. You can access your files from any online computer with SSL security via password entry. You can listen to your dictation and view completed transcription.

Do you offer electronic signature?


Can I dictate from a cell phone? A speaker phone? My iPhone?

Yes. Absolutely. Any telephone that can access our 1-800 number will allow complete capture of voice data and management of previously submitted files. Of course, the quality of your transcription is completely dependent on the phone line quality. With your iPhone you have the added ability to access your schedules and approve dictation, right from your phone!

I use a digital recorder. How can I get my files to you?

Medical INK provides a simple automatic upload program to you for file upload. Just place your recorder in its cradle and the files will upload to our system automatically.

Does your company have a quality assurance program?

Yes, our Quality Assurance program is a constantly evolving process which reviews all transcription work prior to its return to the client. In addition, we constantly monitor the QA process itself in an effort to improve our performance.

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