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Medical INK began in 1977, more than a quarter of a century ago. Our founder, Lisa Fazio, began working as a Medical Transcriptionist for a small group of doctors in Boston, MA. Her passion for the medical industry and her educational background, consisting of a Masters Degree in English and a Minor in Psychology, provided the knowledge and expertise necessary for the fast paced, critically accurate and demandingly detailed Medical Transcription profession.

While maintaining a handful of satisfied clients for several years, it became apparent to Lisa that her transcription services were so coveted by her clients that they didn't want to share her skills with any other professionals. Her workload was such that the only way to add additional clients was to hire additional Transcriptionists. Lisa did just that. But hiring new transcriptionists was not an easy task. If you have ever recruited for an in-house Transcriptionist, you can understand her challenge. Lisa had strict qualification guidelines which she insisted each new hire meet or exceed. Among those qualifications - in addition to speed, accuracy & dependability was a minimum of 3 years medical transcription experience.

Lisa opened an office in Braintree, MA and Medical INK actively began seeking additional clients. With new staff and clients coming on board, Lisa was able to focus more closely on company growth, efficiency, expediency of services and the resulting prosperity of Medical INK and her clients rather than the day to day tasks of running her very successful transcription service. Not too surprisingly, her expansion included obtaining transcription work from outside the medical field - Medical INK began transcribing work for many different professions from attorneys right down to college students - and anyone in between who needed the outstanding transcription service Medical INK provides on a routine basis!

Within a few years, Medical INK became a well known and respected National Transcription Service. With the advent and eventual acceptance of the Internet as a legitimate business tool, Lisa was quick to capitalize on the opportunity to integrate the net as an option for her transcription service. Now clients could use the world wide web to upload dictation, typed pages, and even hand written notes to Medical INK. The net provided the ability to receive raw product and return completed product in "STAT" time previously unobtainable. Now clients could use whichever system worked best for them.

The world wide web also provided the opportunity for Lisa to move Medical INK's Corporate Headquarters anywhere in America. She decided to relocate Medical INK in Naples, Florida where she and her staff operate the company today. Medical INK has grown to represent more than 2,000 clients throughout the world. Medical INK's client retention rate of more than 98% is indisputable testimony to its ability to get the job done while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and professional service!

Since that time, Lisa has been striving to continually make Medical INK even more user friendly for both her clientele and her transcriptionists. Lisa has not only taken her company down a path that was yet unexplored, but she also raised the transcription industry bar noticeable notches with many of her forward thinking ideas and leading edge systems which she implemented to obtain and maintain medical records and files. As a direct result, Medical INK's President, Lisa Fazio has to her credit many industry wide improvements and techniques in the way in which medical dictation is processed, transcribed and archived.