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Individual Physicians

single DoctorMultiple dictation options available to suit a variety of work environments while providing accurate, confidential and on-time results. readmore

Group Practices

group2Enterprise level transcription without the cost and maintenance of an internal information system. readmore

Hospitals + Clinics

Hospital Easily support the transcription demands of hundreds of physicians while minimizing costs and maintaining accuracy and TAT.  Multiple platform experience. readmore

Individual Physician Solutions

Medical INK provides multiple dictation options to suit a variety of work environments while providing accurate, confidential and on-time results. Our web-based software allows you to access your files from any online computer with SSL security access using your personal password.

* Choices
Dictation capture available 24/7/365.
Use the phone or a digital recorder.
We can access your existing system and retrieve accurate patient information.
Use your format or ours.
Download your files on demand, via a set schedule or continuously.
Have your files delivered directly to your printer – any time day or night.
Have your files delivered by secure HIPAA compliant e-mail.
Have your files faxed directly to your office fax machine.
Use our software, or let us interface with your EMR at no additional charge.

* Quality
Document creation and delivery is HIPAA compliant.
Transcription is done by US Transcriptionists.
Finished text is provided in an electronic file format.
Files can be structured for CDA4CDT.
EMR interfaces are available including ADT and HL7 at no additional charge.
Dedicated Quality Assurance Department.

* Value
Automated work flow.
Pay only for what you dictate – billing is fully auditable.
We optimize technology with performance.
No capital investments, no service contract.
Detailed reports track every file.
We customize our system to meet your needs.
We stay up to date on all government regulations.

Your time is valuable! Our transcription service is dedicated to providing a quality product, securely, quickly and accurately.